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Human liver microphysiological system for predicting the drug-induced liver toxicity of differing drug modalities

Application note overview:

The liver is one of the organs most susceptible to drug toxicity and drug-induced liver injury (DILI). DILI is a major cause of drug attrition, with more than 750 FDA-approved drugs known to have a degree of DILI risk.

There are a number of strategies to de-risk DILI in drug discovery and, in recent years, focus has turned to human in vitro 3D liver models to better predict DILI in early and pre-clinical development. These models culture primary human liver cells, often in co-cultures, in a physiologically relevant environment allowing them to stay functional for extended periods of time.

Here, we assessed whether a microphysiological system (MPS), also known as Organ-on-a-Chip (OOC), in vitro liver model could be used to understand the detailed mechanistic aspects of liver toxicity.


Ovidiu Novac, Kim Lachani, Tomasz Kostrzewski & David Hughes

CN Bio Innovations